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one direction is life.
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everyone who reblogs this post will live forever

thats right

immortality just a click away

you just need to reblog this

and say goodbye to aging

I am skeptical.

fair enough

meet me here in a thousand years on tumblr and well see if i was right

and if you dont show ill assume its cause youre scared

since you reblogged this and are obviously immortal

it’s working so far


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One Direction - More Than This (live) Toyota Vios

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i’ve gotta go my ride’s here


what my car is going to look like

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I love when interviewers think they have the upper hand with questions and Harry leads them a certain way and makes them think he’s playing along until he shuts them down.

#Interviewer: How would you go up to a girl [in a bar]? #Harry: Where are we in a bar? Are we in America? #Interviewer: You are in America. #Harry: We are in America - well I can’t be in a bar so. (x)

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